Friday, May 11, 2007

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Monday, April 16, 2007

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e 花样少年少女

Anyone interested in watching this show can click the link below...

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e


Hanazakari no Kimitachi e 花样少年少女

Rui Xi (Ella) had came back from America and falls in love with sporty boy named Zuo Yi Quan (Wu Zun) after seeing his high jump performance on television. Wanting to get to know him, she decides to fly back to taiwan to attend the same school as him. But, there is a problem, because Quan goes to a boy school! Rui Xi then disguises herself as a boy and goes to the high school Quan attends. She attends the same class and stays in the same hostel room with Quan! Finding that Rui Xi was rather straightforward, Jin Xiu Yi (Jiro Wang) befriends Rui Xi. During physical lesson, Everyone was shock to find out that Rui Xi was a very fast runner. Even breaking the school's record. Quan came to rescue her and he found out she was a girl but kept it to himself and he brought her to the school's doctor Mei Tian, who is a gay. He too, found out about Rui Xi's identity but promise to keep it a secret. He became her gd friend when she needed someone to talk to. Xiu Yi soon falls in love with Rui Xi, but doesn't know that Rui Xi is a girl and keeps thinking himself of being gay. Quan and Rui Xi soon becomes friend and both starts to develop a very close friendship. Many interesting and funny part happened to Rui Xi and Quan. Will she be able to get her life through high school perfectly and can she and Quan have gd ending?


Monday, March 12, 2007

Gourmet God(食神)

Anyone interested in watching this show can click the link below...

Gourmet God
Now the link is until episode 29...


Sunday, March 11, 2007

Gourmet God (食神)

Those who watch the movie God of Gourmet, by Zhou Xing Ci and Karen Mok.... Should watch this gourmet god... The story is how he become shi shen (God of Gourmet) and longer version of the movie... Zhou Xing Ci is the scriptwriter.... Starring Zax Wang Renfu (5566 member), Wu PeiCi.... This show still showing in taiwan... Full episode is 30...


微笑pasta ep 6 - 17 link from crunchroll

Anyone interested in watching this show can click the link below...


Monday, December 18, 2006

微笑pasta ep 1 - 5 links to youtube videos

Anyone interested in watching this show can click the link below...

微笑pasta ep1 part 1

微笑pasta ep1 part 2

微笑pasta ep1 part 3

微笑pasta ep1 part 4

微笑pasta ep1 part 5

微笑pasta ep1 part 6

微笑pasta ep1 part 7

微笑pasta ep1 part 8

微笑pasta ep2 part 1

微笑pasta ep2 part 2

微笑pasta ep2 part 3

微笑pasta ep2 part 4

微笑pasta ep2 part 5

微笑pasta ep2 part 6

微笑pasta ep2 part 7

微笑pasta ep3 part 1

微笑pasta ep3 part 2

微笑pasta ep3 part 3

微笑pasta ep3 part 4

微笑pasta ep3 part 5

微笑pasta ep3 part 6

微笑pasta ep3 part 7

微笑pasta ep4 part 1

微笑pasta ep4 part 2

微笑pasta ep4 part 3

微笑pasta ep4 part 4

微笑pasta ep4 part 5

微笑pasta ep4 part 6

微笑pasta ep4 part 7

微笑pasta ep4 part 8

微笑pasta ep5 part 1

微笑pasta ep5 part 2

微笑pasta ep5 part 3

微笑pasta ep5 part 4

微笑pasta ep5 part 5

微笑pasta ep5 part 6

微笑pasta ep5 part 7

Characters in 微笑pasta

成晓诗 / 王心凌 饰演
cute, persist, impertinence....

何群 / 张栋梁 饰演
idol, cool looking but very lonely person...

何瑞哲 / Gino 饰演
confident, stubborn, bad relationship with brother because of an accident to her girlfriend 5 yrs ago...

Rita / 小乔 饰演
pretty, attractive, got character...


Two strangers know each other by an accident, changes their lives... This story is about a gal who has a 3 mth love curse and an idol who is student and how they from strangers and developed a love... Everytime, 3rd mth of her relationship, her boyfriend will break with her withour fail... The idol is selfhood person, keep things to himself... Have a bad relationship with his brother... Because of an accident, they get to know each other and how an innocent gal get into the live of an idol... 微笑pasta是一段爱与微笑的故事...

剪刀石头布 ep1 - 26 link

Anyone want to watch this show can click the link below...

剪刀石头布 ep1 to ep 26

however the final ep like haven upload


Characters II in 剪刀、石頭、布

21 yrs old, 朵麗的妹妹, daring, outgoing...

Doff /阿 丹飾演
24 yrs old, 朵馨 colleague, outgoing...

68 yrs old, 韋祺祥的爺爺, firm with anything, seem to be strict but kind inside...

45 yrs old, 韋祺祥的大妈, boss of art gallery, elegance...

葉 母/葛 蕾飾演
48 yrs old, 朵麗的母親, optimism, open minded...

Characters I in 剪刀、石頭、布

葉朵麗/陳喬恩 Joe Chen飾演
23 yrs old, gentle, innocent, forgiving...

韋祺祥/王紹偉 Sam Wang飾演

23 yrs old, romantic, impulsion, alot weird ideas...


24 yrs old, artist, mature, rumination...


22 yrs old, arbitrariness, selfish...

A Game About Love 剪刀、石頭、布

This drama is about love, friendship and dream using comedy. The content is surrounded by two guys and a gal love story. A story about 3 persons having the characteristic of 剪刀、石頭、布. One of them is like the scissor 銳利 in other words quick -witted. The other one is like rock, stubbornness. And the last one is like paper, forgiveness to anyone. Two godbrothers at the same time fall in love with the same girl. Because of this friendship and brotherhood, they sacrifice their love to let the other one to be together. They will use scissor paper stone to decide love destiny. It may seem to be childish, but this show how they respect each other.
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